Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Like pouring gasoline on an open flame" - GalaxyQuest

So, those who know me understand that I (how to put this nicely) have a healthy sense of self-worth. That's why Robyn worries that events like the following are similar to overeating, and will ultimately be bad for my health.

I spent three days with the last company I visited. While there I conducted a Lean Manufacturing workshop in which I provided some training and direction, and teams of people from this particular company and Eaton's (my company) India operations completed projects using Lean Manufacturing principles. To show their appreciation, upper management prepared a "Tree Planting" ceremony so that they would have a "lasting" reminder of my visit. I started by sprinkling red and white dust in the hole, laying down flowers, placing the tree, watering the tree, then cracking a coconut and pouring the coconut milk on the tree. It was an interesting experience to say the least.


DeAnn said...

This makes me LOL! Robyn told me about it--seeing is believing!

Natalie said...

that was funny that you crack a coconut and pour the milk on the tree!

Annelise said...

You get to see so many interesting places. That is so exciting! We miss you guys.