Friday, May 9, 2008

In other news...

While Christian has been enjoying his trip around the world, my younger sister, Dana, flew in from Seattle to keep me company. And I'm so glad she came! Its much more fun having someone to play with. The kids loved her! She was so good to hold Aaron when he needed more attention (he's going through withdrawls now--he can't seem to understand why he's on his own so much again) and Rachel loved making Dana give her piggy-back rides--again and again and again.
Dana helped us paint pictures frames for Grandma's mother's day gift. Each kid painted their own frame-- they're all very bright!
And we finally visited the local zoo. Its a smaller zoo, but we enjoyed getting outside (even in the rain!) and enjoyed seeing the tamarin swinging from an iguana's tail and the beautiful snow leopards. There were peacocks roaming around everywhere. Rachel loved to chase them, but Hannah was scared of their noises.
Look closely and you can see the dinosaur..... (statue).
Such a cutie!

There was this huge fake elephant--Nathan was scared to death! It took a while for Rachel to warm up to it.


BeccaJane said...

That big dinosaur is a bit scary! Looks like a fun zoo!!

DeAnn said...

I have a hard time with kids being cheesy for pictures too. I'm so glad Dana came to help you and what a great time for your kids to get to know her better.