Thursday, May 22, 2008

He's a biter!

Aaron went back to frequent night wakings when Christian was gone. I was a wimp and gave him a bottle in his crib to help him go back to sleep, but now we are working on helping him sleep through the night. Its just too hard to wake up every night! The other night, between Rachel and Aaron, I was up 7 times! No wonder I'm a crabby Mom...Last night, Aaron cried for about 2 hours, waking poor Nathan, who is my best sleeper. We discovered (at least part of) his problem-- he has teeth! Two new, bright and shiny sharp things on the bottom. I'll post pictures when I get them.
Also, Hannah finished her gymnastics class yesterday. We've been looking for a class every since she took tumbling in Provo, but everywhere we've lived, classes have been too expensive. We found a cheap class here, but then there was drama. She didn't exactly like the class--she a perfectionist, and doesn't like to do things she isn't perfect at. We ended on a high note--she got a medal ("Look, Mom! My very first medal!") and the teacher served cookies. I think we'll put her in swimming this summer, but for now we need a break.


The Kelley Family said...

7 TIMES!!!!! I think I would die from lack of sleep!

DeAnn said...

Megan wanted to quit swimming lessons the whole time she was taking them and then as soon as they were over she asked to take them again.