Friday, April 25, 2008

She got away!

I joined the local YMCA so that I could exercise a few times a week and, honestly, so I could do it without the kids staring at me. The kids like it occasionally. Rachel really wants to jump in the pool, so we have a debate every day just getting into the place. And then, she likes to escape the "Tot Spot." The very first time I took the kids, I left them in the child care center, slipped out to the bathroom, and as I left the bathroom, I met Rachel in the hallway. No one in the Tot Spot seemed to know she had left. Before leaving her, I should make a point that I had discussed her situation with the leaders and made sure they were okay with having a deaf kid to watch. I took her back, making sure they knew what had happened, and about 20 min. later they came to get me, saying that she was throwing a fit. After that, we had a few uneventful days. Today, she escaped again. This time, the people at the front desk saw her and brought her back to the Tot Spot before anyone there even knew she was missing. After that, she was fairly upset and only then did they come get me. Hmmm... wonder if this is working?

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