Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rachel's party

I'm really interested in helping Rachel develop friendships with hearing and deaf kids--anything social would help her. So this year we threw her a birthday party for the first time. We invited a few girls from church and from her school class and had a total of four girls come. Small is good, especially when you add my four kids...
We started with a simple craft. I purchased wooden cut-outs of the first letter of the kids' names, then we painted them and added ribbon and small decorations. I think they turned out pretty cute! And it was simple enough that the kids could handle it and it didn't cause a headache. Then we headed downstairs for games. Christian designed a bean bag toss-game-- he drew a frog on cardboard and the kids threw bean bags through its mouth. I made a pin-the-bee -on-the-flower game. The kids weren't as interested in the games, but I think they were pretty cute. Afterwards, we headed back upstairs for a flower cake, then gifts, and then shuffled the kids outside to play. The whole thing only took an hour, was very simple, and I think they had fun. Success!

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DeAnn said...

Fun party! I love your flower drawing and the flower cake. You are so creative!