Friday, April 25, 2008

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

So this situation was probably in response to two things: Robyn's concern that I'm vacationing while she takes care of the kids, and my smug comments on nice hotels while visiting suppliers. The last time I stayed in India, I was at a 5 star hotel where even the bathrooms had attendants. During the visit I made some off-hand comments to my host about how much the bottled water costs, and he remarked that he only stays there if he is with Americans. He usually stays at a local hotel chain called Lemon Tree Hotels. He said they're more like a Marriott Courtyard or something like that.
This time he booked us into the Lemon Tree Hotel. I checked it out online, and it actually looked quite nice. When I checked in, the employees were very nice and the lobby and restaurant looked very neat. However, when I got to my room, it seemed like I was back in my college days in a dorm room. Not only is the room quite small, but it is almost unbearably hot. The weather here is above 100 and my room has no AC, just a fan.

Just a quick look at what I'm doing during most of my trip: my major purpose is to observe how suppliers are inspecting and controlling critical features. I then provide feedback and, if necessary, ask them to implement some corrective actions.


DeAnn said...

Just admit it! You really are on vacation.

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