Sunday, April 27, 2008


Christian said I'd get more comments if I posted more pictures, so here goes...
Hannah styled her own hair.. and insisted on wearing it like this to school!The kids styled their hair, using dishwater and the baby bottle brush.

Aren't my guys cute?
Rachel's "I need to go to the bathroom" pose.

Good buddies!
She was so mad I made her go to bed! I found her here at 10:30 at night, after spending hours trying to get her to go to sleep. So stubborn!
Hannah loves to give me cheesy smiles when I try to take her pictures. Check out her curly pigtails!
What can I say? I have an adorable baby!


Amy said...

Such cute kids!

hartleyhouse said...

Your kids are getting so big!!
Of course I remember you!! I'm glad you found my blog, I've been looking at yours (through Amanda's blog, of course).
Isabelle asks about Hannah every now and then and wonders where she went.
Keep in touch!
Laura :)

The Green M&Ms said...

Your kids are very cute YES we enjoy the pictures.

WE miss you all

Marc and MArcy

DeAnn said...

Here's a comment for you....

I love all the pictures. Rachel's potty pose is cute!

The Christoffersen Family said...

OH man I miss you guys! And Aaron is just getting cuter every time I see him! Awe!! Thanks for sharing. They are adorable!