Monday, April 21, 2008

Asian Tour - Flight to Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

So, if any of you aren't aware, I'm off visiting suppliers (I'm a Supplier Quality Engineer) on an extended visit to Taiwan, India, South Korea, and China. I've decided to blog every day or two - at least to share some pictures.

The Flight -

My flight left Kalamazoo at 11:40 am on Sunday morning. At first I thought the timing would work out alright with at least part of church - we have 9:00 am Sacrament Meeting - but it ended up that Stake conference was last weekend. So instead of going to Stake Conference, Robyn and the kids dropped me off at the airport. For only the second time this year, all my flights left on-time and arrived early. I flew from Kalamazoo to Chicago, Chicago to Tokyo, and Tokyo to Kaohsiung (Taiwan). It's a good thing work goes for business class on these trips because they're long.

Here's a view from my window as we flew into Tokyo:

I pictured Japan being this sprawling megalopolis - urban everywhere kind of place, but the countryside we flew over looked beautiful. I got into Kaohsiung at 9:00 pm Monday night and it turned out the hotel had forgotten to send someone to pick us up. Hector (a fellow SQE from Mexico - he's with me for the Taiwan segment) and I got a cab instead and ended up saving money anyway. The cool thing about visiting suppliers instead of company locations is that suppliers always want to impress you and recommend nice hotels. We're staying at the Grand Hi-La Hotel in downtown Kaohsiung and, although I'm not staying in anywhere near the nicest room, my room is quite nice.

I'm on the 39th floor overlooking the harbor - the sixth busiest in the world.

The city seems rather large.

One other thing - we got a smaller webcam for my laptop so I could talk with Rachel during this 4 week trip. I tried it out last night (morning?) and it was slow, but worked. We were able to talk. We're going to set up daily video chats from now on.

Toodles for now.


Marcy said...

It's nice to hear that some flights do still leave on time! Glad your flights went well. Enjoy what time you have to sightsee. I want to see lots of pictures!!

DeAnn said...

We're excited to read about your trip.

Robyn, I hope you survive!