Monday, March 17, 2008

What's stubborn, deaf, and blue all over?

We had another date on Friday. The kids love our babysitters--two girls from our ward who know ASL better than we do (their mother has deaf parents and they have a deaf brother). We had a simple date--we had a gift certificate to Olive Garden (love free dinner!) and then ran errands together, just to hang out. Oh, and we picked out fabric to make quilts for our girls. We got a call at around 7:30; our babysitter was concerned about Rachel. Some of you might remember that when Rachel was a baby, she used to faint a lot. She would hold her breath until her face turned blue and she would pass out. We took her to doctors, trying to find something else wrong with her, but all her doctors said she was fine. She seemed to out grow the problem. I think the last time she did it was a year ago. Well, Friday night she got mad. She wanted to play in the neighbors yard and our sitter said no, so Rachel threw a fit. Avey, our sitter, said she passed out three times in a row, then fell asleep on Avey's lap. I felt awful that she had to deal with that. She kept apologizing and asking what she could do. I thought--I have to teach Rachel to calm down! After a rough night, Rachel was completely fine the next day. She just gets so tired, then mad, and I think fainting is a coping mechanism for when she just has too much too handle. I hope we haven't lost our babysitter.


DeAnn said...

Jonathan and I got a good laugh at your subject line. Do you think your babysitters would want to watch 8 kids and the 4 of us could go out?!

Robyn said...

We could probably get both the sisters to come, and it might work!