Friday, March 7, 2008

Update on Aaron

We're still working on getting Aaron to sleep through the night. Last night, between feeding Aaron and helping Rachel, I woke up 5 times! I started re-reading this book (with a really corny title), "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." It was first recommended to me when Hannah was a baby and I read most of it, but it bothered me that the author seemed to blame most sleep problems on the parents. Now, three kids later, I am realizing that I didn't remember the book correctly. I think it is a "must read" for parents. I'm finding lots of advice to help with Aaron, as well as Rachel (who never really naps, no matter how tired she is). So far, I think the biggest problem with Aaron, who is a basically good sleeper, is that his daytime naps aren't regular due to our crazy schedule. I'm working on getting a bus for Rachel so that we spend less time every day in the car. I think if I get him on a better schedule during the day, that will help him sleep better at night. Then I'll stop feeding him at night. Otherwise, he's such a happy boy!

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BeccaJane said...

Yes, I LOVE that book! I do think that children need to be "taught" how to sleep well. Cameron responded really well to the principles in this book, and he's been sleeping 13 hours a night since he was 5 months old.