Friday, March 14, 2008

The Sound of Music

People frequently ask me how much Rachel can hear, and the only answer I have is, we don't know. However, she is making some great advancements. For example, she loves to wear her implant and has even kept it on at night a few times this week. She tries to imitate the words we say, although she usually isn't even close. We are working with her on getting her to copy beats-per-word (a.k.a. syllables). Hannah really hates the sounds Rachel makes when she is excited and trying really hard to talk, but we just can't tell Rachel to be quiet--every noise she makes (except during church!) is a good noise. The coolest thing is that Rachel is telling me when she hears music. We have a digital piano that the kids love to play with. If Hannah or Nathan turns it on, Rachel will tell me if she hears it. During church, she'll notice the hymns and try to sing along. When she tries to copy music, her sounds are long and drawn out, similar to singing. Its really exciting to me to see her paying attention!


Marcy said...

That's AWESOME! I'm so excited she's as into music as the rest of your family.

RD&Debbie said...

Yeah!!! That's so exciting for Rachel! It sounds like she's doing well in MI, we're excited for her to be progressing! I have a hard time being patient, it seems Cameron is almost at Reese's same level sometimes, so kudos for persevering so well!

DeAnn said...

That's so cool. Technology is amazing.