Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ideas, anyone?

Rachel's birthday is in two weeks and we are planning on giving her a party with friends for the first time. Any suggestions for 4-yr-old appropriate party ideas? We intend on only having 4-5 kids and want to keep it simple and at home.


DeAnn said...

I'll brainstorm with you this weekend.

Joyous said...

I always thought my mom was great at (our homemade) birthday parties. She would let us pick a theme (stars, rainbows, ninja turtles, etc.) and then do a few fun little games and activities around that. We would usually do a treasure hunt, maybe a craft, maybe bingo, maybe a candy search, maybe pin-the-purple-on-the-rainbow, etc. Call me if any of that sounds interesting to you and you want more details! :) Hope the party is really fun!