Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Parenting Moment

On Friday, Christian got home early in the afternoon after a four-day trip to...somewhere. I forget. We decided to take the kids to a hands-on children's museum in Kalamazoo (and its free!). We have this recurring problem with the kids behavior in the car. Rachel likes to "talk," Hannah hates the noise, and fighting results. I'm tired of dealing with it. So today, we told Hannah that if her behavior didn't change, she wouldn't be able to go in the museum. I'd sit with her in the car, instead. Believe me, I wasn't thrilled with the idea and sincerely hoped that she would stop fighting. She didn't. I don't think she thought I'd really follow through. The thing is, since Christian is usually tougher than me, she pushes me farther. So today, I followed through. I sat with her for an hour in the car while she screamed, kicked, begged for hugs and potty, and then finally fell asleep. She stop crying for a second and say--"See, I'm calm now. Can I go in? Can't you give me another chance?" But she really had used up all her chances. I really wish it didn't have to be that way, but I was proud of myself for sticking to my promise. It reminded me of the story Christian tells of keeping his mother from seeing Niagra Falls because he was acting up and didn't think his mother wold follow through.

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DeAnn said...

Good job Robyn!! Oh and Christian was in Council Bluffs wasn't he?