Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Full House

We really enjoy having company. Jonathan and DeAnn came with their four kids to spend Easter with us. It was an answer to Rachel's prayers--she prayed all week to have Karen and Uncle Jonathan to play with! We had a major snowstorm on Friday so their four-hr drive became an eight-hr ordeal! So sad. They arrived late Friday night, so the kids woke up and played all day. Its so fun to have the cousins get together. There are always minor breakdowns, but otherwise the kids play so nicely together. Megan and Natalie (6 & 8) play well with Hannah and Karen (3) and Nathan are great buddies. Rachel tries to play with both groups, but does best with the youngest. On Saturday, the girls drew books about Easter (Natalie wrote the stories), then put on a song and dance show. Rachel loved dancing to the loud music. Karen and Nathan have a knack for getting into trouble. Last time they were together, they spread DeAnn's make-up all over the spare bedroom closet. This time, they spread paper towels all over, put dents in our wall, poured green egg die on our kitchen floor, etc...Oh, and Karen took her diaper off and put it in Aaron's clothing basket. Because she was wearing a dress, we didn't find out for a while. Fun kids!

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DeAnn said...

We had so much fun. Thanks for having us!!