Sunday, February 17, 2008

My break is over

Two weeks ago I was asked to serve as the Mia Maid adviser in YW, and I was thrilled. I thought, now I can have all the fun of working with the Young Women, and less responsibility! Today, I was sustained as 1st Counselor in the presidency. Somehow, I think the Bishopric tricked me! Just kidding-- I love working with the Young Women. There are only two Mia Maids, but since I have no adviser, I get to teach every week. There are also no activities planned, so I have a lot to do already. Fortunately, Christian will be around this week, so I won't have to juggle a new calling on top of all four kids. We were also asked to take some of the interpreting responsibilities for Rachel--20 minutes during Sharing Time. My skills aren't really good enough, but neither is Rachel's attention span! My plan is to start taking ASL classes at the community college (in all my spare time). I feel like I had a little break over the last month, but now, with the demands of getting Rachel to and from school every day (25 min each way, and no, there's not a bus available), getting her connected again with doctors, Hannah's gymnastics class (once a week), and now this calling, on top of Christian's frequent travels, I think my break is over.


Amy said...

Wow! You sure have a lot going on. We love you! Good luck!

Sabrina said...

Hey busy mom you are wonderful, even if you are too busy to realize that right now. I hope you get a break in there to put your feet up.

PS - Could Aaron be teething?

DeAnn said...

At least you're too busy to be tired, right?! Ha!