Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hannah's mistakes

Hannah's a smart kid, and she has a pretty good vocabulary, but sometimes she tries out new words for the first time and doesn't quite get it right. Its pretty funny. The other day, we were putting the girls down for naps and were trying (in vain) to explain to them that they needed to stay put and rest. Hannah said, "Yeah, or there'll be coincidences!" (meaning consequences). And then there was the time she was mad at me and yelled, "Murderer!" (She watched a lot of Lion King at the time). She tries so hard to be a little Mom, too--like last night, when she brought Nathan a drink of water before bed, and rather than have him sit up to drink, she gave it to him while he was laying down and poured it all over his pajamas and pillow. You have to wonder, what was she thinking? And then I realize, she was trying to help, trying to care for her brother, and trying to be big. She's getting to that age where she'll remember some of what happens now when she is an adult, and that makes me worried-- what if her first memory of me isn't great? Its so fun to see her learning to read and write. She tells me sometimes that she's a better Mom than me (not that hard to do), and other times that she can't do anything at all. She's got a lot of confidence, but has these major mood swings like 5-yr-old PMS.
She's becoming so much more of a little person, rather than just a kid!

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DeAnn said...

I need to do a better job of not getting upset with my kids when they are only trying to help. I love that--Murderer! So funny.