Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aaron's check-up

I took Aaron to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month check-up (even though he is over 5 months old). He's healthy and strong--he's doing well with tummy time and can lift his whole chest up and is starting to sit up without support. I thought he was really big, but it turns out he's just average-- a little under average for his weight (15 lb, 4 oz) and a little over average for his length. The pediatrician said he might really be hungry when he wakes up and suggested adding more solid foods during the day. He loves his real meals-- he's had pears, sweet potato, applesauce, and squash, plus rice cereal mixed with formula, and he loves it. He's getting good and keeping it in his mouth rather than pushing it out. She also said to not make him "cry it out" just yet-- mostly because he has so many shots yesterday. So, we'll try feeding him more during the day and then we'll come up with a strategy to help him learn to stay asleep all night without keeping me up at the same time. Hopefully things get better soon, because between mid-night feedings and the girls waking up at 5:30-ish, I'm really tired!
I remembered one of the other funny things Hannah says-- her word for graveyard is "gravy." Mmmmmm, hungry anyone? (I think this came from the time we spent in Maryland, where there are small cemeteries all over the place)
Last night was my first time with my new Young Women's group. I took them out for ice cream so we could plan and get acquainted (there are only 2 girls--otherwise that would get expensive!). Guess what the Laurel class activity was? They learned the YW theme in ASL! I think we're in the right place. Its been really nice to talk to some of the parents with deaf children about their experiences, too.


RD&Debbie said...

How's the school for Rachel out there? Sounds like a busy schedule, I get tired just reading your blogs... that's the one thing I'm NOT excited about soon. Good luck with the feeding, it seems something so basic should be easier, doesn't it? I love keeping up with you guys too! You do a great job staying up to date.

DeAnn said...

I can't believe Aaron passed up Isaac. Remember when Isaac looked so big compared to Aaron?!

Lucas, Annelise, and Olivia McDermott said...
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