Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saying Good-bye to Shelby

Nathan didn't love seeing his things packed up or the house empty, but he loved the boxes!
This is Hannah, posing with her teacher, on her last day of Kindergarten at Graham Elementary.
There were a few people Rachel knew by name in our Shelby ward. This is Rachel, singing with the "silly man" (Rod Porter--Elvis Impersonator, electric guitar expert).
The dear Mull family--my kids spent countless hours at their house while I drove to doctors appointments, audiology appointments, school appointments, etc. This is Stacy and Ivy...
and Benjamin Mull. (I don't have picts right now of the older two-the ones who theoretically did the babysitting.)
Rachel and Nathan loved their nursery class. Sister Mazza knew ASL, so Rachel was always included. She doesn't think her Sunbeam class is nearly as fun.
Rachel knew Bishop Thomas by only one name: "candy man." He kept a stash of candy in his office to give to kids who could quote an Article of Faith. Rachel is probably the only kid who never had to earn her candy. Hannah knows the first two really well, and would sneak extra candy when Rachel got her free candy.
These are just the people we had pictures of--we loved all our friends and ward family in Shelby. And thanks to everyone who helped the week we moved! I told the missionaries that if I wasn't already a member, their service would have converted me!

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