Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perspective on Snow

I'm fairly accustomed to cold weather. I grew up in Washington, where it would snow occasionally and rain the rest of the time; and I lived in Utah, where heavy snow is normal. I've never experienced anything like this. When we arrived in Michigan, we enjoyed light rain and moderate temperatures for a few days, but ever since, there has been a constant snow fall. We might only get a inch a day, but it snows and accumulates every day. I can't ever seem to keep the driveway shoveled. (Side note--Christian loves winter, and was very excited to have snow again. I liked to comment that he would like it until he had to shovel. Thus far, he likes the snow and has not shoveled. He leaves this week to travel to Minnesota and Texas, and will not shovel. I guess it is my new job.) We had to buy snow gear for the whole family. This morning on our drive to church, the radio said the high today would be 10 degrees. Funny thing-- our Shelby ward was canceled today for bad weather. I hear that the entire state of North Carolina is having severe weather warnings. My friend Heather told me that they had maybe an inch of snow--that's it. Nothing in Michigan shuts down for snow.
This is the view from out front door. See the small pond across the street? That, and the nearby lake, are frozen over.
The kids think its summer time!I haven't taken many pictures of the inside of the house yet--there are still too many boxes. Here's our living room (we'll be painting the purple wall. Christian keeps trying to tell me it matches the floral chair--he doesn't want to paint--but I'm not buying it)the kitchenand the back of the house.Before we came here, we were anticipating feeling "buyer's remorse." Fortunately, we really like the house. I love all the windows, especially in the kitchen and living room, where I spend so much time. We love that we got a good deal on the house. The kids enjoyed a "swim" in the whirlpool tub last night. And you've seen pictures of the lodge (toy room, family cave), which is a fun room.
So we're pleased with the move so far. We miss our old friends. It will be a lonely week, with Christian gone and all the snow keeping us isolated from neighbors. Hannah loves her new kindergarten class (half day--yay!) and Rachel starts tomorrow--an oral class (no sign language). We need to find out just how much she can hear and help her use her hearing.
That's us!


DeAnn said...

Looks like a great house. How about if we come see it Feb 1-3?

Robyn said...

Sounds great! The kid's didn't have today off from school, so if you had come last weekend like we had talked about, it wouldn't have worked as well, anyway.