Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My camera is broken. I dropped in on our driveway in Shelby and have been taping the battery door shut ever since. Even that isn't working anymore. I apologize for the lack of picture updates, and I won't have any more to add until I get my camera fixed.
Aaron isn't really ready to eat solid foods, but he thinks he is. He fusses constantly through our mealtimes, and finally yesterday I decided to put him in the high chair with a baby cracker so he wouldn't feel neglected. He didn't like the cracker very much, but he does enjoy the high chair. I know clothing sizes are relative, but my four month old is wearing 6-9 month clothes and it just makes me think he is growing up too fast! He's just now getting over a cold, and its fun to see him happy and playful again.
Hannah is really a very good big sister. She goes out of her way to play with Aaron when he needs some attention and is patient with me when I feel overwhelmed with meeting the needs of four kids. She loves her school. One of the highlights of this move happened last Friday, when a neighbor boy came to our door asking if Hannah could go sledding. Hannah was the youngest, but I watched the kids helping her, including her, and sharing their sleds with her. Part of why we moved here was so that my kids could have more friends.
Nathan is growing up so fast! He's just huge! We moved him out of his crib and into the toddler bed when we moved here. I worried that I'd loose my good sleeper--I could always count on Nathan taking a good nap! But the funny thing is, he hasn't really figured out that he can get out of bed by himself. Maybe he thinks he'll get in trouble if he does... I love having him be a big boy in his big bed, but stay put like a little boy.
I think I write more blogs about Rachel than anything else. Having a deaf child has dramatically affected the dynamics of our family. I feel like I still haven't really learned to handle her very well; we don't sign well enough, I haven't mastered the medical community, and we don't really have an effective way to discipline her. She's nearly four years old, and I think I should be farther along. I really wonder what goes on in her head--how does a smart kid with little language think? This month she has finally broken her attachment to the pacifier and she is finally potty trained (last night was her first night with no accidents, but she hasn't had a daytime accident in a week). She's really smart--watching her, you can see her mind working. The kids all play well together. Its like they have their own language, combining ASL with body language and some sound and a lot of intuition. Its really amazing to see how my kids are growing and developing despite all my shortcomings.
Just a few thoughts. And I'll do my best to have pictures soon.


DeAnn said...

Yea for Rachel! You are a FANTASTIC mom--never think otherwise.

Sabrina said...

I think you are pretty amazing too. Have you heard about the 'Signing Time' videos? I am sure you and everyone else has heard of them but we were just introduced to them and my kids love them. I thought of you and Rachel when we were watching the latest from the library.

Robyn said...

We love Signing Time! Its how we got started, and I don't know of anything that teaches kids better. It also helps Rachel learn to listen. And I love it that so many kids know at least a few signs, thanks to the videos.