Sunday, January 13, 2008

"The Lodge"

Well, we've finally made the move to our new house. We arrived in town Thursday afternoon, had our stuff delivered Friday, and have the next few weeks to enjoy the unpacking. Our new home is nice and bright - all of the rooms seem to have big windows. The bedrooms are smaller than our home in Shelby; the yard is also smaller, but all this is offset by "The Lodge".
Some previous owner of this house decided to finish the basement in a "log cabin" style complete with "log cabin" wainscoting, a stone fireplace, natural pine window casings, and duck wallpaper borders. There's also a little mini kitchenette with a small sink, fridge, microwave and bar/serving area, and the room is wired for surround sound (although it doesn't do us any good because all we've got is a 19" TV [at least we hope we do, we haven't been able to find it anywhere]). The whole feel of the room is completely different from the rest of house, so I've affectionately named it "The Lodge"

Robyn calls it my "Man Cave". We've got the leather sofas down here, I've got the fridge stocked with store brand root beer and orange soda, and the internet is hooked up so I've got my work laptop down there as well. I don't get to spend as much time down here as I'd like (unpacking and the like), but I anticipate that it will be a good area to host get-togethers, and enjoy quiet evenings.


Sabrina said...

The "lodge" looks great. So what does the rest of the house look like? Good luck with the rest of your unpacking.

DeAnn said...

We can't wait to come. It's not all diet soda is it?! We'll bring our 19 inch TV if you can't find yours.

Heather Christoffersen said...

The loss of the TV and all that Surround Sound and big screen space??? I'd say you might be checking out the market for a big screen eh Christian???

The Green M&Ms said...

I'd love to see pics of the rest of your house! Your lodge looks like an awesome space! How's the unpacking going? Did you have a better experience with the packers/movers this time?