Monday, January 7, 2008

Its finally happening

We've been planning and expecting for four months, and today, finally, the movers are here, packing up our things. It's kind of hard to believe. Yesterday we said lots of good-byes at church. I was thrilled to be able to teach the Young Women for one last time, and I think it went well. We tried to get pictures of people so the kids can remember their friends. I'm so thankful for Sister Falk, who has been interpreting Sacrament meeting for Rachel for the past three weeks (even though Rachel doesn't pay attention). And now, we're cleaning and packing and trying to look ahead. Hannah had a hard time going to school this morning, but I think its for the best. Tonight will be our last night in our home--and we expect to be in our new place on Thursday. We'll keep you posted!
We want to apologize for not sending the yearly letter. We intended to do it, up until yesterday, when we printed 40 copies of a letter on the wrong side of our pretty paper and decided that fate was against us. We love you all, even if we didn't send a letter this year!


Sabrina said...

We are excited for your new adventure. I hope you get a relaxing day in there somewhere.

Brian said...

People who blog consistently are exempt from the requirement to send Christmas letters, so don't worry about it.

Giant Dreamers said...

Robyn- It has officially been 24 hours since we last saw you and I must say we absolutely miss you like crazy already! We hope that the drive went alright and you are managing safely. Let us know when you get there!
Heather, Mickey and PJ Christoffersen