Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Aftermath...

After our enjoyable and busy Christmas, things didn't slow down. Christian was really sick--we wondered if it might be some exotic bug he caught in India, or good old fashioned food poisoning (that lasts for 5-ish days...). Since Christian was gone for our anniversary, we had planned on taking a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina on the 26th, leaving the kids with Grandma. That morning, with Christian feeling quite sick, we had a major plumbing incident. It took several hours to resolve, and included a visit from Roto-Rooter and two city plumbing representatives. Just one more reason to be wary of buying an older home...who wants to make repairs the week before you move? We really wanted our vacation, but didn't get to leave until 7 hours later than we had planned. By the time we got to Charleston, it was nearly 11:00 and all the respectable restaurants had closed. We found a sushi bar still open (and no, I'm not a sushi fan) and I had the fun of showing my ID (being carded-a first!) in order to enter. We had decent teriyaki, way to loud music, and left as soon as we could. I fully enjoyed an uninterrupted night of sleep with a fire going. That morning, we spent our time on the phone with a mortgage counselor (a pre-requisite for our loan) instead of walking around the town, but did get to sit near the water with a great view while we talked. And after our phone call, we turned around and drove back home.
Friday, we enjoyed our last day with Grandma and Dana. After a few last minute craft projects and a few hours with curlers in the kids hair, just for fun, I took Hannah, Grandma, and Dana to a late lunch (how's 5:00?) before driving them to the airport. By the way, I'm a huge fan of Panera (for bread and sandwiches). Their flight, like nearly every flight ever, was delayed. The long story is that they missed their connecting flight, spent the night in Minnesota, and made it home to Washington late Saturday afternoon in stead of Friday night. Love those airlines!

Jonathan and DeAnn joined us for New Year's Eve. We had lots of fun appetizers, played games, stayed up way too late, and enjoyed watching the kids play together. They were planning on moving the day after they got home, so good luck to them.
And that brings us to today--a completely normal day. Our plan is to use this weekend to put our home in order. The packers come on Monday, then the movers will load the truck on Tuesday, and we'll drive out of North Carolina on Wednesday, get to Michigan on Thursday, and get our stuff on Friday. We'll let you know how it goes!

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DeAnn said...

We had a lot of fun and it was nice to get away from the stress of a looming move. Now we are in Wisconsin living in chaos!