Sunday, January 20, 2008

ABC accomplishments

Yesterday, the kids found our ABC train puzzle and wanted to put it together. Rachel surprised me with her skill. I would ask her to find me a letter, and nearly every time she could pick out the correct piece. I had no idea she knew her ABC's that well, although she does practice on quite a bit (a great website for kids, by the way).
Hannah helped. She likes to be Rachel's teacher.
Just a cute picture of our cute, sleepy boy.
The previous owners took their oven with them. We spent the first five or so days in our new home without a stove, so we cooked with the microwave. The kids enjoyed being Daddy's helpers when we finally got our new stove and installed it Wednesday night. We used it for the first time the next morning to make scrambled eggs for breakfast (then macaroni and cheese for lunch, then spaghetti for dinner...)

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DeAnn said...

We were the opposite--we lived our first 5 days without a microwave. I'm not sure which is worse!!