Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Its beginning to feel a lot like Springtime

The tree is decorate (and un-decorate, then re-decorated, courtesy of the kids), there is a collection of Christmas presents hidden from the kids, we've made travel plans for family coming to visit, and its nearly 80 degrees outside. Something isn't quite right.... Christian leaves next week for India, so I'm trying to get as much ready for Christmas as possible so I don't have to worry next week when I'm on my own. I realized that it just doesn't feel like Christmas until I do a secret santa project, so I'm working on that today. Tonight the Young Women are assembling gift baskets for some older members of our ward (and the missionaries), so that'll help the feeling. I'm enjoying the constant Christmas music playing on the radio and trying to really get excited for the season, but with the move to Michigan hanging over my head, I can't quite feel ready.
Its the time of year I love getting Christmas cards from friends and family all over the country (and begin to feel badly that I haven't sent mine out) and love to check up on families we haven't seen in years. Last Sunday our YW lesson was on optimism, and the teacher, one of my counselors, asked me how I felt about moving so often. Its hard to move before really putting down roots in any one place, but I'm really grateful for all the people I've met because we were willing to take a chance on a big move. From our Provo friends and the group of kids born within a week of Hannah, to our Maryland friends, our family in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Massachussets, and Georgia, to college friends and high school friends, and now our friends here in the South, its nice to have this time of year to feel close to people again.
Merry Christmas!

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laura hartley said...

Hey Robin!! I found your blog through Amanda's blog, it is so fun to hear how your family is doing! So you're moving again! I bet you're going to love Michigan!
Hey, I was addressing all of our Christmas cards and I need your address, could you email it to me?? Our email is
Say hi to everyone!
Laura Hartley