Friday, December 7, 2007

Good news

Rachel is doing really well! I took her up to Chapel Hill on Wednesday for more programming and testing for her implant. The specialists there showed me how to keep the ear piece to actually stay on her ear. Rachel wore the implant all afternoon, and even slept with it. She told me that afternoon that she likes to hear. I feel like we are making real progress. She is responding to more sounds, making more sounds, and being much more cooperative. Her audiogram shows that she is hearing some speech sounds, but is still missing some frequencies. We still have a long way to go to teach her and find out what she can really hear, but I'm so pleased that the people we are working with now are so helpful. Thanks goodness for technology!
Otherwise, we're busy getting ready to move and trying to fit in some Christmas activities. Our ward Christmas party is tonight and we hope to get our tree this weekend. We've all been pretty sick, so that's slowed us down quite a bit. I'm on antibiotics for a persistent cough. Nathan has croup, bronchitis, and an ear infection and the girls are catching the cough. We've spent a lot of time at the doctor's office lately.
We're looking forward to Christmas. My Mom and sister will come for a week or so, and Jonathan and his family will come for New Years. Christian will spend the week before Christmas (including our 6th anniversary) on a business trip in India, but thankfully my Mom and sister will be here for part of that time, so I won't be alone again.
Take care, and happy holidays!


Sabrina said...

It is wonderful to read that Rachel is doing well. I hope you all feel better soon. You are amazing! So much on your plate and you just keep going. Good luck with the move.

Debbie said...

Hey Robyn, That's so awesome about Rachel! It's so frustrating to not know what they can hear utnil they can tell us! But your'e right, thank goodness for the techno they have now. I'm so happy it's working for her. Way to go on your blog, it's amazing you keep it up so often!