Sunday, November 18, 2007

YW in Excellence

I've loved serving with the Young Women in our ward, but it has had its share of challenges. We have a small group, but they're good girls. Its been hard for me to learn that although I hear a fair amount of negativity from the girls, they are teenagers and girls and the things I hear aren't necessarily representative of how they feel. This month we put together the Young Women in Excellence program, after months of planning. I was very worried that the girls wouldn't come or participate because they had been less than enthusiastic when we as leaders discussed it with them. We put a lot of time into planning it, and a large portion of our yearly budget went into the activity, decorations, and refreshments. I was very pleased that four girls, their families, and the Young Men joined us. We had a total of 20 people! Our theme was "Dear to the Heart..." We decorated everything in pink and brown and talked about the love our Heavenly Father has for the the women of the church and how to feel His love. We had a few short talks, the girls sang "Where Love Is," and we did a scripture marking activity. We presented each girl with a gift bag containing special scripture marking stickers and a marking pencil. The people were divided as tables and took turns each sharing and marking particularly meaningful scriptures. We also had displays of things the girls have done for personal progress throughout the year. I was so relieved that it all came together nicely. I'll probably be released soon, since we're moving, but I've loved working with the girls and hope I've done a few good things.

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