Friday, November 30, 2007

Sleep is a wonderful thing!

Aaron has always been a good sleeper, but last night was a first-- 11 hours and counting! I feel like I should wake him up to make sure he's okay, but on the other hand, I'm loving this! Of course, I woke up, even if he didn't. It'll take a lot of nights like last night before I get used to not having interruptions at night. I'm so pleased! We had our Relief Society Christmas party last night, and it went way too long--I left early at 9:15. Over 2 hours for an Enrichment night is too much. The kids were going crazy, especially Aaron, who was being passed around the women. He was so tired, but they wanted to give him a bottle or play with him. I finally left so he could rest, and he's been asleep ever since. I think I'll go check on him now...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Ever feel like you're losing your mind? Christian is gone for the week on a business trip and we are missing him very much. Our mornings are going well, but starting at about 4:00 every afternoon, it seems like everything falls apart. I'll have all four kids crying and I feel like joining them. After the first few days without Daddy, Rachel told me that he was on an airplane. At least she understands a little. I'll be so glad when this move is over, because although he'll still be traveling, I won't have to worry about selling the home at the same time.
We'll be fine, and Daddy gets home tomorrow. I just wanted to vent a little in the blogosphere.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Picture Updates

Here are some photos of the kids from the last few weeks:

The kids liked to show off their costumes at the ward Halloween party. We dressed Aaron as a baby girl because people kept mentioning how similar our kids look, but I think he looks like a boy, even dressed in pink!

I love to see Grandpa Green napping with my babies. Don't they look comfortable?

Hannah and her cousin, Megan, wore matching dresses to Natalie's baptism.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a happy turkey-day! We enjoyed cooking the meal together and sharing it with our friends, the Christoffersens, and the Elders. Christian has wanted to to brine a turkey for years. He brought home a 20-lb turkey, soaked it in a brine all night, then rubbed seasonings all over the skin and cooked it in an oven bag to keep it moist. It was soooo good! I attempted to make homemade stuffing the way my grandmother made it, and it was almost as good as I remember. The kids didn't eat much, but they enjoyed the holiday-feeling. Christian is enjoying a much-needed break before heading off on yet another business trip next week. And today is his 30th birthday! So he's officially an old man.
We spent a busy week getting our house fixed up and cleaned up, ready to put on the market. We put an offer on a home in Michigan, so we're set as long as this home is appraised well-enough. We're excited to learn that Christian's brother, Jonathan, recently got a new job in Milwaukee, so he and his family will be only 4 hours away from us. (They are currently in Atlanta- about 4 hours away) We were worried about moving away from family, but they are moving with us!
Rachel's implant was activated on Monday. We're very excited, but it will be hard to get her adjusted again. Last year, after nine months of using the implant, she had just learned to like the implant before it all fell apart. Now we have to go through the whole process again. The good news is that she can definitely hear, even thought it bothers her. She'll start another round of speech therapy, and she'll have to re-learn much of what she knew last summer. I am very impressed with the doctors here at UNC-Chapel Hill. Fortunately, Ann Arbor, Michigan also has an excellent cochlear implant facility and a much better education system for deaf children.
I'm thankful for my family, medical help and insurance, friends, the gospel and church callings, technology that helps keep people connected, and Christian's vacation days. I feel especially blessed that I have such a fabulous hubby who is loving, fun, and provides so well for our family. Have a happy day!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

More news

We've been especially busy lately, preparing our home for sale and trying to find a place in Michigan. I flew up to Kalamazoo a week ago to approve a home, and after negotiating a price, our offer was accepted (contingent on the sale of our home). We spent this weekend, and as much time during the week as we could, painting and cleaning. The front rooms and hallway look so much brighter with a new coat of paint! I wish we'd done it a while ago so we could have enjoyed it longer.

YW in Excellence

I've loved serving with the Young Women in our ward, but it has had its share of challenges. We have a small group, but they're good girls. Its been hard for me to learn that although I hear a fair amount of negativity from the girls, they are teenagers and girls and the things I hear aren't necessarily representative of how they feel. This month we put together the Young Women in Excellence program, after months of planning. I was very worried that the girls wouldn't come or participate because they had been less than enthusiastic when we as leaders discussed it with them. We put a lot of time into planning it, and a large portion of our yearly budget went into the activity, decorations, and refreshments. I was very pleased that four girls, their families, and the Young Men joined us. We had a total of 20 people! Our theme was "Dear to the Heart..." We decorated everything in pink and brown and talked about the love our Heavenly Father has for the the women of the church and how to feel His love. We had a few short talks, the girls sang "Where Love Is," and we did a scripture marking activity. We presented each girl with a gift bag containing special scripture marking stickers and a marking pencil. The people were divided as tables and took turns each sharing and marking particularly meaningful scriptures. We also had displays of things the girls have done for personal progress throughout the year. I was so relieved that it all came together nicely. I'll probably be released soon, since we're moving, but I've loved working with the girls and hope I've done a few good things.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Baptism and Blessing

We can't seem to stay a whole week in the state! On Friday, we drove down to visit with Christian's brother, Jonathan and his family, in Atlanta. My kids love to see their cousins and they usually play really well. This trip was special because we were going to see their cousin, Natalie, be baptised. Grandpa Green, Aunts Bethany and Alexia, and DeAnn's parents, Grandpa and Grandma Warner, all came to visit as well. On Sunday, we blessed Aaron and his cousin, Isaac (six weeks older) in their ward so we could do it with family. It was fun and hectic with so many people together, and we appreciate Jonathan and DeAnn opening their home to us.