Friday, October 26, 2007

Surgery, rounds 3 & 4

Rachel is home and doing really well. Christian drove her to Chapel Hill on Monday for her pre-op visit; her surgery was Tuesday morning. The surgery went well, but when they looked at her post-op CT scan, the doctors realized that because her inner ear anatomy is so strange, the electrodes didn't go into place like usual. They operated again on Wednesday morning to make the correction, and it seems like the problem is fixed. Rachel was not happy on Tuesday, but she has recovered very well. During each surgery Rachel has had a problem with leaking CSF (brain fluid) so we are watching her closely to be sure this doesn't continue, but otherwise she is fine. We came home on Thursday. She is playing, walking around, and eating normally. We won't know whether or not the implant is working until she is activated in a few weeks, so please continue to keep her in your prayers. We've been very pleased with our experience at UNC-Chapel Hill, with the doctors and the facility.

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