Sunday, October 28, 2007

Moving again

I realized that with everything else going on, I haven't given an update on Christian's job. In September, Christian was approached about a job promotion that would potentially send us to another state. After all, we've lived in Shelby for a year, so isn't it time to be moving on? He applied for the job, and actually interviewed in Michigan while I was in the hospital with Aaron. He really liked the job and the area, so when he was offered the job we really debated what to do. At the time, he was seriously considering options for graduate school, and accepting this position meant postponing grad school for at least a year. We looked at homes in the area, and I looked at the medical options for Rachel and the school programs for deaf kids. In every area it looked like a better place for us. We also felt like we might find more young families like ours. He accepted the position on the condition that we stay here until Rachel's medial needs have been met, since moving in the middle of implantation and activation causes delays. We have found two homes we like and will make a final decision soon, and we plan on moving in January. In the meantime, Christian is traveling frequently and we are trying to prepare our home for sale. Its stressful, and I feel a little bad about leaving the people we've met here, but I do think this move will be the best thing for the family.

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