Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hannah and friend Benjamin bobbing for donuts at a YW/YM activity.

Rachel painting pumpkins with the ward youth

Our cutie, Aaron

Nathan is a sweet little big brother.

Natalie, Hannah, Megan, Karen, and Rachel--five girl cousins on Conference weekend.

Nathan playing at a park in Virginia

Rachel loves to climb!

Moving again

I realized that with everything else going on, I haven't given an update on Christian's job. In September, Christian was approached about a job promotion that would potentially send us to another state. After all, we've lived in Shelby for a year, so isn't it time to be moving on? He applied for the job, and actually interviewed in Michigan while I was in the hospital with Aaron. He really liked the job and the area, so when he was offered the job we really debated what to do. At the time, he was seriously considering options for graduate school, and accepting this position meant postponing grad school for at least a year. We looked at homes in the area, and I looked at the medical options for Rachel and the school programs for deaf kids. In every area it looked like a better place for us. We also felt like we might find more young families like ours. He accepted the position on the condition that we stay here until Rachel's medial needs have been met, since moving in the middle of implantation and activation causes delays. We have found two homes we like and will make a final decision soon, and we plan on moving in January. In the meantime, Christian is traveling frequently and we are trying to prepare our home for sale. Its stressful, and I feel a little bad about leaving the people we've met here, but I do think this move will be the best thing for the family.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Surgery, rounds 3 & 4

Rachel is home and doing really well. Christian drove her to Chapel Hill on Monday for her pre-op visit; her surgery was Tuesday morning. The surgery went well, but when they looked at her post-op CT scan, the doctors realized that because her inner ear anatomy is so strange, the electrodes didn't go into place like usual. They operated again on Wednesday morning to make the correction, and it seems like the problem is fixed. Rachel was not happy on Tuesday, but she has recovered very well. During each surgery Rachel has had a problem with leaking CSF (brain fluid) so we are watching her closely to be sure this doesn't continue, but otherwise she is fine. We came home on Thursday. She is playing, walking around, and eating normally. We won't know whether or not the implant is working until she is activated in a few weeks, so please continue to keep her in your prayers. We've been very pleased with our experience at UNC-Chapel Hill, with the doctors and the facility.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

This week....

Rachel's surgery is this week--hopefully her last. I just wanted to let everyone know. She goes in on Tuesday and if everything looks good, they'll replace the implant and she'll be activated and hearing again before Thanksgiving. Christian will drive her up to Chapel Hill on Monday, her surgery is on Tuesday, and they should be home on Wednesday, if all goes well.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Five years and three weeks

Happy Birthday Hannah! Its hard to believe that I have four kids and the oldest is only five, but on the other hand, its hard to imagine a time before Hannah was in our family. She's a terrific big sister and a very special kid. Her kindergarten class took a field trip to see the animals at the county fair, so it was like the whole class got to celebrate with her. She especially liked the cotton candy. That night she got to pick her favorite dinner (grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ) and blow out candles on her black forest cake.

Aaron is a happy, healthy, sleepy baby. I'm always amazed watching little babies grow. I love to see his little contented smiles. We took a picture of Aaron the other day holding his head up and looking around. He seems to have good control of his movement. He also slept a whole eight hours two nights ago, giving me my first uninterrupted night of sleep in months.

We are looking forward to having Jonathan and DeAnn and family come join us for Conference weekend, and next week, while Christian goes to Michigan on business, I'm taking the kids to see Marc and Marcy in Virginia. Oh, and I'll join Christian in Michigan for a few days for house hunting (by the way, were moving again! More details to come).