Monday, August 27, 2007

Tomorrow's the big day

Rachel goes to surgery tomorrow (Aug 28th). I've been so nervous about it, but the closer it gets, the more confident I feel that we are doing the right thing. We'll head up to Chapel Hill as a family so Christian and I can take turns staying with Rachel while she recovers. We'll post an update when we know how it goes.
Hannah started Kindergarten today. She insisted on riding the bus this morning, and looked really confident and happy. She said she had a "perfect day." I'm so glad she's happy with school. Rachel went to a pre-K orientation today, as well, but we won't send her for at least two weeks, if we don't decide to wait until her implant is turned back on. Nathan will miss the girls when they are off at school...
And I'm still pregnant, and this is the first time I feel like I'd rather not have this baby come very early. He needs to wait until next week, so we can give Rachel the attention she needs this week. We also are concerned that Hannah and Nathan have their needs met. Hannah has a tendency to get emotional and make up illnesses when she's under stress.
Nathan and Rachel have begun to say their own prayers, and its really fun to hear (or see) what they have to say. On Sunday, when Rachel really wanted to go to church but we kept her home to keep her healthy, she prayed that she was thankful for church, food, and butterflies. Nathan said in his bedtime prayers that he is thankful for cars. Sometimes they fight over whose turn it is, but its nice because Rachel didn't like saying prayers until Nathan started.
That's it for us. We'll update when we have news.

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