Friday, June 29, 2007

Nathan's Birthday and other happenings

Nathan celebrated his second birthday on June 20th. I happened to have Mutual that night-- a swim party at a ward member's home with dinner. So, we brought the kids along. We spent over an hour in the pool and my kids loved being with the big kids. Then we ate dinner and shared a train-and-candy birthday cake with about five other people there who had had birthdays recently. Rachel ate peanut M&M's and frosting by the handful, Nathan flirted with a little girl a few months younger than him, and Hannah jumped in the pool fully clothed. Afterwards, we went home and let Nathan open his gifts. He loved with fire engine (it makes sounds and has movable parts) and a book about trains. I loved seeing him understand that birthdays are special days and using the ASL version of Happy Birthday to make it unique to our family.
The following weekend, Christian's brother Jonathan came to visit while his family was in Utah. Christian enjoyed having someone to "hang out" with (they went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, which I am too pregnant to be willing to sit through) and to cook for. The kids love seeing their extended family-- Hannah is under the impression that Jonathan is sillier than her Dad and Rachel loves seeing extended families and using their names.
Last Monday I drove up to Girl's Camp and stayed until late Tuesday. I haven't been to Girl's Camp in something like seven years, and I loved being there. It was especially nice being a leader at camp because I got to sleep in the bunk house with a real bed and my own room. I had no real responsibility, so I helped out wherever I could, including clean-up, set-up, helping out at the camp store, and baking brownies for the dessert bar. We had only a small group of girls go to camp this year, and even though I wasn't camping with them, I felt like being there helped me "bond" with them. It was also nice to sleep as much as I wanted without little kids coming to find me.
Next week we head to Virginia, near D.C., to spend the 4th of July with Marc and Marcy and Alexia!

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DeAnn said...

I'm glad you guys had fun with Jonathan. It made me laugh when you said Hannah thinks he's sillier than Christian. I'm sure my kids all think Christian is sillier than Jonathan. I too have no desire to sit through a 3 hour movie so I'm glad they could see Pirates together!!