Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kid Update

I think my kids are too young for school, but this is the second year that "summer vacation" means something to them. I'm really sad for Hannah's preschool to end--she had a fabulous experience this year. Hannah attended a classroom designed for autistic kids--she was a "typically developing role model." Because of all her experience with Rachel's needs, Hannah was able to play well with the special needs kids and she made friends. A few weeks ago Hannah told her teacher, "I'm so smart, I know just about everything." She gets her humility from her father. Because of odd school cut-off dates, Hannah will start kindergarten next fall, even though she will still be four.

Rachel has attended another special needs preschool for the last two months and really enjoys it. We are still working with her doctors and specialists to determine just how much hearing she has, but we think that she is hearing at normal conversation levels, but that she might be missing very high and very low frequency sounds. This is important to know because it helps us understand her speech capability. She loves working with her speech therapists and she is making some progress. Sometimes she tells me when she hears something interesting.

Nathan has a face that is made for smiling. He loves to play with cars, swings, anything physical and especially likes to buddy up with his sisters. Today at church he walked down the hall, waving and saying hi to everyone. Even the Young Men we passed said he was "so cute." We are thrilled that he is finally talking and its is even better that he can sign, as well. So all our kids do a pretty good job of playing and communication together.

Christian and I are staying busy with home life, work, and callings. As long as our AC continues to work, we think we will like the balmy summer down south.

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