Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Business Trip

I'm in my six-sigma training and we're covering linear regression. I'm already fairly comfortable with the subject matter, so I'm quite bored. I do plan on visiting Kirtland, OH this evening - it's nice to be this close (less than 10 miles away) - and am excited to get another chance to look at the Whitney store, the Johnson farm and others.

Robyn's doing well, although she really doesn't like it when I'm away. She misses that evening break when I generally take care of the kids. She has a busy week filled with various Rachel appointments and her own doctor appointments, and she says that the structure will help.

I get home Friday night, and we have a fun filled weekend. The YM/YW are having a fundraising bike ride on Saturday morning. Robyn will help out at the starting point, and I will drive around and staff the rest stops. That evening we have an Elders Quorum BBQ that should be a lot of fun. Sunday after church and a couple of appointments, we'll drive down to Newnan, GA to visit with Jonathan and DeAnn. We plan on spending Memorial Day with them, and will drive back either Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

We're following DeAnn's lead and starting a blog to help communicate a little bit better with family and friends. We hope you enjoy.

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