Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An AC Idiot

Yep - that's right, I'm an Air Conditioning idiot.

We've been having problems for a few weeks with our thermostat. It didn't always turn on or off the air conditioning when it was supposed to. When we left to go to Georgia to visit Jonathan and DeAnn, I pulled the electrical disconnect to ensure that our compressor unit didn't run the entire weekend. Upon returning home, I replaced the disconnect connector and the AC unit didn't come on. Although it was 80 degrees inside, because it was after midnight, we went to bed anyway.

The next day I was convinced that a nearby "Load Managment System" had kept the AC unit from being powered, so I broke into it and attempted to "reset" it. It ended up consisting of a large circuit board and various wire harnesses - there were no buttons to push. I went to work and let Robyn and the kids sweat it out.

On my way home from work, I bought a new thermostat. I installed it in the 88 degree heat, but the AC unit still wouldn't come on. I called a friend in the ward who is an apprentice electrician and he informed me that the "Load Management System" was installed by the power company and that it wouldn't cause the problem I was dealing with. He suggested I check the disconnect and he'd stop by if needed. I went back out and discovered that I had put the disconnect connector back upside down.

Yep, upside down. Robyn and the kids spend 24 hrs. in 80+ degree heat because I'm an idiot.

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