Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An AC Idiot

Yep - that's right, I'm an Air Conditioning idiot.

We've been having problems for a few weeks with our thermostat. It didn't always turn on or off the air conditioning when it was supposed to. When we left to go to Georgia to visit Jonathan and DeAnn, I pulled the electrical disconnect to ensure that our compressor unit didn't run the entire weekend. Upon returning home, I replaced the disconnect connector and the AC unit didn't come on. Although it was 80 degrees inside, because it was after midnight, we went to bed anyway.

The next day I was convinced that a nearby "Load Managment System" had kept the AC unit from being powered, so I broke into it and attempted to "reset" it. It ended up consisting of a large circuit board and various wire harnesses - there were no buttons to push. I went to work and let Robyn and the kids sweat it out.

On my way home from work, I bought a new thermostat. I installed it in the 88 degree heat, but the AC unit still wouldn't come on. I called a friend in the ward who is an apprentice electrician and he informed me that the "Load Management System" was installed by the power company and that it wouldn't cause the problem I was dealing with. He suggested I check the disconnect and he'd stop by if needed. I went back out and discovered that I had put the disconnect connector back upside down.

Yep, upside down. Robyn and the kids spend 24 hrs. in 80+ degree heat because I'm an idiot.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Surviving semi-single-parenthood

My goals this week were simple. Don't scream at the kids, break down in uncontrollable tears, and try to get some rest. For an almost 6-month pregnant lady with three young kids, that's a tall order. But here I am, surviving, and so far so good. I've kept as busy as I can and it helps. During the past few days I have made two trips to Charlotte for Rachel's audiology and speech therapy (travel time: 2 hours round trip), Rachel's school two mornings a week, Hannah's school daily (round trip when going to both schools: 1 hour), exercising at the YMCA twice, plus a visit to the Ob-Gyn--baby is doing fine-- and I even did laundry and have kept up on the dishes. Don't expect me to mop the floor, though. We all have our limits. Really, though, we are all missing Christian. We see a lot of airplanes fly overhead and Hannah keeps asking if we see Daddy's plane. Nathan has a new affinity for talking on the phone, and Rachel hasn't napped in days and is becoming something of a wild child. I'm spending tonight watching a sappy movie I'd never ask him to sit through. And we're all looking forward to Daddy coming home tomorrow.


So it was kind of a letdown yesterday. I talked with a few people about visiting Kirtland; and, although I found a couple of people that are interested in history, all the comments I received were wisecracks about polygamy. I was quite disappointed because they all seemed like reasonable people.

In the end it didn't matter because we didn't get out until later that evening, and the Visitor's Center would have closed soon after we could have arrived.

I think I'll still try to invite some people that I didn't get to yesterday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday my training ended with a team work project, and the team that I'm on isn't getting along very well. I left the facility quite frustrated and decided to travel directly to Kirtland.

It only took me about ten minutes to get to the Visitor's Center. When I stepped out of the car, I felt my frustrations just melt away. The setting was so peaceful. The church rerouted the road that went in between the Newel K. Whitney store and the John Johnson Inn, and replaced it with a walking street - the absence of car traffic really contributed to the serenity there.

I didn't arrive until an hour before the VC closed, but the kind missionaries still gave me a guided tour through the Newel Whitney home, and the store. It was really neat to stand where so many revelations were received, and where so many prophets stood.

I plan to talk to some of my colleagues about going back with me. In addition to the obvious religious significance, the historic aspects were really quite fascinating. I hope someone will be interested, and will let you all know how it turns out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Business Trip

I'm in my six-sigma training and we're covering linear regression. I'm already fairly comfortable with the subject matter, so I'm quite bored. I do plan on visiting Kirtland, OH this evening - it's nice to be this close (less than 10 miles away) - and am excited to get another chance to look at the Whitney store, the Johnson farm and others.

Robyn's doing well, although she really doesn't like it when I'm away. She misses that evening break when I generally take care of the kids. She has a busy week filled with various Rachel appointments and her own doctor appointments, and she says that the structure will help.

I get home Friday night, and we have a fun filled weekend. The YM/YW are having a fundraising bike ride on Saturday morning. Robyn will help out at the starting point, and I will drive around and staff the rest stops. That evening we have an Elders Quorum BBQ that should be a lot of fun. Sunday after church and a couple of appointments, we'll drive down to Newnan, GA to visit with Jonathan and DeAnn. We plan on spending Memorial Day with them, and will drive back either Monday night or early Tuesday morning.

We're following DeAnn's lead and starting a blog to help communicate a little bit better with family and friends. We hope you enjoy.